All Things Oisos XIV

Hi guys, I’m going to start putting everything into here. I was looking for online tools and found Obsidian Portal. It seems to fit the bill of everything I am looking for, at least right now.

I’ll probably start moving the teasers here and setting it up as a de-facto place for all things my game.

If we need the forum or other features, I may consider purchasing the upgrade. Let me know if the features here aren’t working or just seem kind of dumb.


Update: The Teasers have been added to the Adventure Log section. Also check out The Cycle of Atali for the story of Atali.

Copy and paste into the wiki removed formatting and images. No biggie.

Please feel free to edit, modify, update, and create pages in the wiki. And, oh yes, PLEASE fill out the Characters section for your character’s background! If you do not, your DM will do it for you, and you may not like the results!